Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My house boat life

I don't really live on a houseboat, but if I did, I would be a full time artist.  I really don't know anything about houseboats or boats in general but living on a boat sounds so romantic.  I'm pretty sure it's not.  I bet there are really hundreds of reasons why one would not want to live on a houseboat full time.  But I can dream can't I?   Here is a boat I found that might do.  It's for sale and can be found at Elite Boat Sales .  They have lots of really neat boats for sale.

 I would string up some colored party lights in here.
 Doesn't this look fun?
 This would be a great place to sit and work on my watercolors!
 Wouldn't these beds look great with colorful quilts atop?
 The galley (hey that's an official term) is tiny but efficient.
Some vintage kitchen ware would light this up wouldn't it?

Check out these items from the Lake Forest Kitchen Lady's Ebay store

Once I got the tiki lights up, the quilts on, the retro kitchen and bathroom goodies in, art supplies on board then I would have a party of course.  Cocktails, appetizers, and interesting people.  I would chart a course out of her slip and sail her to the a beach spot where we could have a bonfire and party into the night. 

I guess it costs a lot to park a boat in a Marina though, and I don't know what I would do with my husband and dog Max.  Just another daydream I guess.  But really, check out those retro shops above, you'll love them.

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