Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just a Few Finds here and there

As we careen into the wireless information age, the virgin arts and the artisans that master them are disappearing.  To discover one such artist is serendipitous, a joy of inspiration.  My first exposure to sewing in general was my middle school sewing class.   My project was a turtle pajama bag.  I got the zipper in crooked, but the feeling of accomplishment I got lit me on fire.  I am inspired when I come across the evidence that art is still alive.  The spark of creation is still being struck all around us.  In a world of digital art, machine embroidery, mass marketed art prints, photographs, and clothing, it's almost a miracle to run across these artisans.  As I drink my coffee and troll the internet, I feel like an explorer of ancient artifact treasures.   Here are only 3 of my finds in this secret garden of the arts. 

Out of Orlando, FL, Amy Morrell is keeping the art of heirloom monogram embroidery alive.

To take up a skill such as hand embroideryintricate lace making heirloom sewing and learn this in a vacuum without benefit of a mentor is not easy. 

Custom Masterpieces original oil portraits

In an era of digital photography, isn't it wonderful to find the handiwork of a gifted artist?  A hand painted portrait captures a moment in time but also embues it with the essential personality of the subject.  The softness of the skin, purity of innocence, love of and between the subjects and the gentleness of the moment are all communicated in the portrait above.  The hand of the artist brings this portrait to a multi dimensional experience. 

Baby Blush Boutique

Aren't these little booties sweet?  Simple in design and structure, but the effect is priceless.  I'm inspired to search for adorable little fabric print, maybe Japanese or Hawaiin design?  Yummy.  I'll keep you updated.    


  1. Thanks for featuring my baby shoes! :)

  2. You're welcome Monica, they are adorable!