Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Favorite Watercolor Teacher: introducing Susie Short.

I used to paint with a lovely box of Prang Watercolors.  I still have the very first little me box of watercolors I got as a child.  Eventually I advanced to the big girl paints in the little tubesA watercolor block, paints, a couple of buckets of water, an old cloth diaper or paper towels, and some adequate brushes is about all you need to get started.  My favorite video watercolor workshop teacher is Susie Short.  I was inspired by her lovely watercolor seascapes.  She makes it seem easy and you can work right along with her.  But she does other subject matter as well, including landscapes.  She is fun to watch.  If you don't have the tubes, fancy paper, or expensive brushes, it doesn't matter.  You can get a box of Prangs, a pad of watercolor paper from the craft store, and use any brush that feels right.  The important thing is, if you are inclined to try this DO IT.

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