Friday, April 22, 2011

A new Russia?

This is not the Soviet Union of my youth. This is Russia, THIS Russia, even has a beautiful sound to the name of it now.  Say it, "Russia".  No longer "Soviet Union or the Soviet Bloc".  Yes, it's back to Russia.

It has been decades since they had their ballistic missiles trained on my grade school. Let's go back in the recent past when Ronald Reagan, that chipper man with a blush in his cheeks, stood up and shouted, "Mr. Gorbechev, tear down that wall!" Remember that? Or if you're really young, you might just remember hearing about that. Well anyway, back on topic... I recently ran across a most beautiful photo story on  Inhabitat , an online zine related to eco awareness.  

The picture is of an architectural proposal for the Primorskiy Zoological Park, to be located in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Now this is some kind of beautiful.  The ethereal quality of the naturalistic geodomes is amazing,  I really, really, hope they can pull this off and build this zoo.  The plans are amazing.   Check it out.

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