Sunday, August 28, 2011

Route 66

I have become addicted to images of vintage travel trailers.  My favorite I think is the Shasta.  I dream about having one to put my art studio in.  Of course there are inconvenient truths here, the need to buy, gut, renovate, and restore.  Sweaty work is icky and mold makes me sick.  My little dream trailer would need a place to park her butt, and that's not available.  But a girl can dream.  This dream is parked up on that shelf by my "Living on a Houseboat" dream.  Oh well.  Here are some images to inspire. 


 Maybe because these little living spaces are so private and personal.  No connection to the real world.  Not much room and mobile to boot.  Could I be from the turtle line and not the salamander line of evolution?  

The above kitchen is from a Vintage Cardinal travel trailer.  Devine.  Truly the dream Route 66 icon.  Camping in Style with a capital S. 

I would fill this with all things retro.  Table cloth with state map, pink gingham pillows with chicken scratch embroidery, pink melmac, atomic design glasses, a vintage apron, cute vintage radio, aluminum kitchen ware and containers, granny square afghan...Yum Yum!
Happy trails!

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